I believe that every person goes through life with the goal of making a difference in some way. We strive to provide a better life for our families. We choose our homes based on the quality of the local school district in order to provide the best education for our children. We volunteer our time and money to charities and organizations that serve our community. We make efforts to improve ourselves.
While we all do our part to achieve these personal goals, we depend on our elected officials to help achieve our goals as a community. We elect leaders trusting that they will be good custodians of our tax dollars. We expect them to make decisions that benefit our community. We believe they will operate with honesty and integrity.
I held these beliefs when I first became involved in county government. I was the Real Property Tax Officer, a position in the county property tax department where I was exposed to many good functions of government. I worked with people who were truly there to make a difference for the better of the community.
Unfortunately, I also saw many aspects of government that deeply disappointed me. I became increasingly aware that many decisions at the town and county levels were made not to benefit the taxpayer, but rather in the interest of what was politically expedient. The people we elected to represent us were primarily concerned with getting re-elected and were working in a self –serving capacity to protect what they “built.” What they “built” was basically an alliance of mutual preservation to ensure that those in power remain in power.
Sadly, this has become pervasive throughout our towns and county. Clarkstown is now run by this type of alliance. I decided I had an obligation to help change this, but soon learned that the leaders in our political parties were actually helping to perpetuate these power alliances.
Fortunately, good and decent people have now stepped forward to lead the Republican and Reform parties. These are people who understand the meaning of ethics. These are people of firm principles. These are people who want to make a difference. I’m proud to have their support.
My goal is to restore fiscal health and responsibility to our town. I want the people to know that, even when they might disagree, their elected officials are operating with integrity and honesty. I want government to be more transparent so that people are able to see what is being done with their tax money. I want a town where open bids and RFPs are issued on all projects that require significant taxpayer funding. I want to break the alliances that keep themselves in power while keeping the rest of us bogged down in taxes and debt.
These are the reasons I am now running for town council. I am speaking out for everyone who wants to put self-serving politicians out of business; for those who wish to restore principled leadership; for those who value fiscal responsibility; for those who want to provide an affordable community where we can raise our families and give our children the great education and the future they deserve.
If you share this vision, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. It doesn’t matter if you are a Conservative or an Independent. We are all in this together as residents of Clarkstown and we need to start looking at candidate over party to bring this vision to reality. We need to commit ourselves to become familiar with the issues at hand and elect the individuals who can truly best represent us. We need to preserve what is great about Clarkstown and to reform the things that are driving people away.
Please come out in November and vote for the change that is needed. Please encourage our fellow neighbors to do the same and throw the back-room politicians out.
Together, we will make a difference.